Here you will find various articles on many of the scuba questions you may have. Check back often as there are new articles frequently
  • Why knowing your sac rate is important

    You strap on your tank, do your predive checks and jump in the water for a great dive. You and your buddy are Deep certified and the plan is to go to a wreck at 130 feet, no penetration.

  • Equalizing your ears

    equalizeYou jump off the boat, turn to your buddy and give the down signal then start descending. No more than 2 feet down you feel it, the pressure in your ears. No problem you think, just pinch and blow and everything will be right as rain. But that glorious squeak doesn't happen and your buddy is already at 30 feet.

  • Choosing a BCD

    Choosing a BCD can be a daunting task, there are so many different ones to choose from. Jacket or wing, backplate or not, what is lift and how much do I need? The type of BCD used can have a big impact on you're diving experience. Are you a recreational diver or technical? Perhaps you're a bit of both? Let's talk about the different types of the BCDs so you can choose whats right for you.

  • What's a Full Face Mask and why use one?

    Diving cold water and get face freeze? Maybe you are doing long dives and have jaw fatigue. Or perhaps you want to talk to your buddy underwater? A Full Face Mask is something that may be right for you. There are several types of Full Face Masks (FFM) ranging in price from recreational to professional. The 3 most popular ones are the Oceanreef Gdiver/Neptune, OTS Spectrum and the OTS Guardian. They are all FFMs but function a bit differently

  • The 6 Basic Open Water Skills

    So you want to do the Padi Open Water Course but are curious about some skills. Maybe you've already done the Confined Open Water part of the course in the pool and you want a refresh how to do some of the main skills. These 6 videos will help.

  • What is Trim?

    Have you been on a dive and felt you had to swim really hard to keep up? How about your feet seem to always be headed for the surface? Maybe you keep hitting the bottom or your buddy with your fins? These are problems associated with your trim.
  • Deco: Is it a big deal? Yes.

    You are on a deep dive to something great like a wreak and in the briefing your dive guide says don't go below 5 on your NDL. On the dive you see an awesome turtle and want a closer picture. You glance at your NDL and see you are at 8, "I have 8 minutes" you think and drop down 20 feet and snap the pic. Satisfied you begin your ascent checking your air and then your computer to find your NDL is at 0 and you are in deco!

  • Choosing a dive Computer

    No matter if you are newly certified and ready to take on the world, or you have been diving for a while and ready to take the next step, picking a dive computer can be a daunting task. Console or wrist, 300 dollars or a thousand? Believe it or not there are not that many types of computers but your dive goals will dictate whats right for you.

  • Padi Neutral Buoyant skills

    While still optional, Padi is moving to performing skills while neutrally buoyant. To score a 5 on your divemaster skills evaluation, you must perform skills neutral so start practicing now.