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Most of us are not doctors, nor do we play one on TV. Giving any kind of medical advice should be left to the professionals, what works for you may not work for me. This is where DAN comes in. DAN is a site specializing in dive medicine where you can get answers to many questions. A DAN membership with dive accident coverage is a must for those who dive often. Instructors can even sign up their non DAN member students for free DAN accident coverage during their Open Water course. Here are some common Dive Medial questions.

decompression sickness

Decompression Sickness - DAN.org

The collective insult to the body's systems can produce symptomatic DCS. The condition's primary effects may be evident in the tissues that are directly insulted. Its secondary effects can compromise the function of a broad range of tissues, further jeopardizing the diver's health 
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Ear Equalizing

Beat the Squeeze: Equalize Like a Pro - DAN.org

The purpose of this Smart Guide is to help you understand how your ears respond to pressure and the best ways to protect them while scuba diving. 
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Fly after diving

Flying after diving - DAN.org

This workshop on flying after recreational diving was organized by Divers Alert Network (DAN) to bring together representatives from the recreational diving industry with experts from other diving communities. The workshop had two purposes: (a) to review the guidelines and experimental data developed since the first flying after diving workshop in 1989; and (b) to debate a consensus for new flying after recreational diving guidelines. 
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