About Me

The Beginning

Hi My name is Eric Moore. Born in NYC, I never imagined I be a diver. My ocean experience growing up was city beaches on crowded holidays going in waist deep and freaking when I couldn't feel the bottom. Fast forward a few decades and I transitioned from snowboarding for 20 years to surfing in NYC. My fear of the ocean all but vanished. On a 47th birthday bucket list I decided to try wind surfing and diving. Little did I know there was a dive shop, Pan Aqua Diving, right here in NYC. I took a weekend confined open water class then flew off to the Dominican Republic the next day ready to wind surface in one of the best spots in the world and get dive certified.

I did my scuba check out dives first and was kind of a sh%t show in the water but got through it. My first dive as a certified diver was amazing and I didn't even bother with windsurfing. When I got back to NYC, I immediately took my advanced course in a quarry and a few weeks later did my rescue diver. Hooked, I went diving when ever the shop went and returned to Dominican Republic often to dive. A year after my certification, my NYC shop suggested I go pro. I wasn't keen on it at first but I was already leading dives at the quarry and doing Divemaster tasks.

Fast forward to today and I am a Master Scuba Diver Trainer prepping for IDC staff instructor and perhaps Master Scuba Instructor.

Dive Travel

Dive travel

I branched out to many parts of the world such as Costa Rica, Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, Cozumel, Canada, Dominican Republic, Florida and even Haiti. I met great people and had amazing adventures that resulted in being able to teach out of many of those shops abroad.

The Environment

Diving, you see the world completely different. You realize just how small you are yet what a big impact you make. Looking for opportunities I came across volunteer diving for the NY Aquarium. Dive all year around, Sign me up! But it was so much more than that. You learn about animal species, conservation and common myths/misunderstandings about ocean creatures. Shark, Sea Lions, Otters and even penguins. I didn't just learn about them, I dove with them maintaining exhibits and monitoring animal health under the guidance of trainers.


Pan Aqua dive class Advanced Open Water

Teaching scuba isn't a job, it's a passion, no dive instructor does this to get rich. The training to become an instructor is long, hard and expensive but the look on a students face when they master a skill is worth it. In my travels I have learned many types of diving and soon became certified to teach it. They include:

Self Reliant Diver 
Equipment Specialist 
Delayed Surface Marker Buoy
Enriched Air 
Full Face Mask 
Night Diver
Dry Suit 
Peak Performance Buoyancy
Open Water 
Advanced Open Water
Rescue Diver
Dan Emergency Management Provider

This site

I decided to create this site for people just starting diving and to answer some of the common questions divers may have. Like anything I am learning everyday and am more than happy to share anything I have learned!

Keep Diving